Preprints and open preprint review: a workshop on innovations in scholarly publishing

By Bianca Kramer (Sesame Open Science), Ludo Waltman (CWTS), Jeroen Sondervan (Utrecht University), Jeroen Bosman (Utrecht University) in blogpost


Blogpost reporting on workshop on preprints and preprint peer review at NPOS Open Science Festival 2022


October 25, 2022


12:00 AM


FORCE11 Upstream blog

Researchers, librarians, policy makers, and practitioners often complain about the scholarly publishing system, but the system also offers exciting opportunities to contribute to innovations in the way academic findings are disseminated and evaluated. At the Dutch Open Science Festival, which took place at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on September 1st 2022, we organized one of the ‘community-led’ workshops to discuss some of these developments, focusing on preprints and open preprint review. Participants discussed the opportunities offered by these innovations, and reflected on ways in which these innovations may complement, or perhaps even replace, traditional journal publishing practices.

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October 25, 2022
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