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Selection of publications (incl. articles and blog posts) on open science, open metadata and open infrastructure.


Crossref metadata for preprints: Discussions and recommendations

In 2016, Crossref launched a metadata schema for ‘posted content’ with the aim of better accommodating the metadata needs for preprints, working papers, theses, reports, and related outputs, which are not typically peer-reviewed. In 2021, Crossref formed an Advisory Group (AG) to discuss how the quality of metadata for preprints using this schema could be improved.

The availability and completeness of open funder metadata

In this paper we looked at 5,004 publications reported by researchers to be the result of funding by a specific funding agency: the Dutch Research Council NWO. We observe interesting differences between publishers in the coverage and completeness of funding metadata in Crossref compared to proprietary databases, highlighting the potential to increase the quality of open metadata on funding.

Q&A about Wiley’s decision to open its abstracts

In this post Ludo Waltman and Bianca Kramer reflect on today’s announcement that Wiley is joining the Initiative for Open Abstracts (I4OA) and is going to make abstracts openly available through Crossref.

Leiden Madtrics blog

By Ludo Waltman (CWTS), Bianca Kramer (Sesame Open Science) in blogpost