Developing Institutional Open Access Publishing Models to Advance Scholarly Communication

January 1, 2023

“In the transition towards Open Access, institutional publishing is challenged by fragmentation and varying service quality, visibility,and sustainability.”

To address this issue, the Horizon Europe project DIAMAS will:

  • Map the current landscape of Institutional Publishing Service Providers (IPSPs)
  • Coordinate and improve the efficiency and quality of IPSPs by developing an Extensible Quality Standard for Institutional Publishing (EQSIP)
  • Formulate community-led, actionable recommendations and strategies for institutional leaders, funders/sponsors/donors, and policymakers.

DIAMAS website - Welcome to the DIAMAS project

For DIAMAS, I am working with Utrecht University on mapping the European landscape of Insitutional Publishing Service Providers (IPSPs).

*Role: data analysis, report writing (subcontracted) Time period: 2023

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January 1, 2023
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